Browse the recordings below to revisit some of the fantastic talks and panel discussions from the Regenerative Agriculture Conference 2023. Please share far and wide for those who couldn’t make it to the conference itself!

day one

Farming and human health

David Montgomery and Anne Biklé

Regeneration – the big picture

Terry McCosker

Farmer story – The changing landscape of agriculture

Di Haggerty

Old Knowledge – New solutions

Heidi Mippy

From barley to beer – The economics of sustainable farming

Brendon Savage, Brad Plunkett, Mel Holland

Panel: Farmer case studies

Tom Mitchell, Rod O’Bree, Jake Ryan

Panel discussion

Heidi Mippy, Rod O’Bree, Terry McCosker, Di & Ian Haggerty

day two

From dirt to soil

Gabe Brown

Biodiversity and agroforestry

Rowan Reid

Next generation regeneration – A young farmer’s perspective

Kristy Stewart

Panel: Carbon markets – A pathway to help finance the work?

Brett Hazelden, Michelle McManus, Lachy Ritchie

Regenerative Wool – From merino to market

Dave Maslen

Healthy farms, healthy soil, healthy minds

Jeff Pow

Expert panel

Rowan Reid, Kristy Stewart, Grant Sims, Dr Judi Earl

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 2

Panel: Grazing for landscape restoration

Nick Kelly, Dr Judi Earl, Dr Terry McCosker

Grazing for landscape restoration

Dr Judi Earl

Grazing for landscape restoration

Dr Terry McCosker

Grazing for landscape restoration

Nick Kelly